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Join our team and let the fun begin

 "The Fashion Gods" is NOT a chain. We are  a locally owned business started by the Pooler family in Portland Maine.  The Pooler family has been in the resale business for over 20 years. Unlike the chain stores, when you buy from us, your money goes only to local Maine families. We don't pay franchise fees so we can keep our prices lower and pay you better for your items.

With years of hard work we have become Maine’s  most exciting secondhand store designed specifically with teens and young adults in mind. We took all the things that teens & adults love in the fashion world and condensed them into each of our locations. We also make sure our prices and quality of our clothes are the best you'll find anywhere.

Shopping at The Fashion Gods  is easy because you don’t have to sift through racks and racks of “no-name” brand clothing just to find the brands you love. All the brands we sell are up-to-date and are exactly what today’s teens and young adults request. The only hard part is deciding which items you want the most.

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